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What Is MarketChorus Resonance?

MarketChorus Resonance uses natural language processing algorithms to understand the content people share and engage with on social media, and machine learning to mine that data for insights and recommendations.

The full platform has many tools and many applications, outlined further in this knowledge base, but you may be most familiar with our free Starter offering. MarketChorus Resonance: Discover is essentially a personalized news monitoring service –your personal AI research assistant…

What are some examples of how people use Resonance?

  • Tracking consumer and industry new stories
  • Automated brand / media monitoring
  • Content marketing research
  • Social media curation

At its core, Resonance is a series of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms (ML) that index web content, extract social media metrics, and provide insights into what people are paying attention to online.

There are many applications for this technology in the modern business world, where most of our interactions take place online, and social media is a part of daily life.

We believe that you can learn a lot about someone by understanding what they read; by what ideas and stories hold their attention. It might not mean much if, you read a single article about any topic, but reading 3-4 articles a month on any topic suggests interest, at least -if not intent.

There are many ways to use MarketChorus Resonance, from tracking news stories, to planning your own content campaigns, and much more. The question is, what role does content play in your industry? From blog posts to news articles to YouTube videos…what’s relevant content in your industry?

That’s where you need to start your search…

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